Monkey & Two Dogs Story - Finale

Monkey & Two Dogs Story - Finale
Thanks to all for your support. We will wrap up this story today.

How did Dr. Rafiki resolve the differences between the two Lhasa Apso dogs & the Pekingese dog?

Story till now:

The two Lhasa apso dogs, which traced their origins to Buddhist monasteries were having argument with the Pekingese, which was pompous about his genealogical association with the emperors of China.

They brought up this issue to Dr. Rafiki, who unlike the monkey that ate up all the bread when two cats came for resolution, is a honest mediator. As soon as he heard their versions of the story, he immediately understood that this case revolves around superiority complex.

While Dr. Rafiki was scratching his head on the best way to bring the two parties together, he got an idea. Here is the rest of the story in pictures and text.